About The CCC CGJA

Mission Statement

To protect and enhance the Civil Grand Jury system in Contra Costa County 

The Contra Costa County Chapter of the California Grand Jurors' Association is dedicated to the support of the Grand Jury System in California, as well as the sitting Contra Costa County Grand Jury. 

 Association members are current and former Grand Jurors and Grand Jury Forepersons who are interested in promoting and providing information to the public regarding the role County Grand Juries play in the oversight of County and City governments and Special Districts within county jurisdiction. 

Our website also provides helpful links to  related subjects, requirements and information on becoming a Grand Juror, and responsibilities of Grand Jury members.

Our activities include:

  • Conducting seminars for Grand Jury applicants
  • Training newly impaneled Grand Jurors 
  • Following up with the subjects of recent Grand Jury reports 
  • Raising the awareness of Grand Jury accomplishments and reports