Grand Jury Report: Deferred Maintenance

The Contra Costa Grand Jury has released a report (available here) concerning the backlog of deferred maintenance in the County. The report's summary follows:

This report on deferred maintenance is a follow-up to Grand Jury Report #1203, issued in June 2012. 

For many years the County has struggled to chip away at the backlog of deferred maintenance on county-owned facilities.   To better understand the magnitude of the situation and tackle the problem, the County’s Facilities Life-Cycle Program (FLIP) report in 2007 evaluated deferred maintenance for a portion of county-owned buildings.  Although progress has been made in some areas, the County still lacks an adequate deferred maintenance budget.   A comprehensive review of deferred maintenance needs and a coordinated effort to address the problem is required.


Grand Jury Report: The Public Records Act In Contra Costa County

The Contra Costa Grand Jury has released a report (available here) which makes recommendations for expanding the right of the public to access public records. The report's summary follows:

The California Public Records Act (the “CPRA” or “Act”) is the law that ensures the public has access to records generated by public agencies.   The Act, however is complex and flawed.  Employees responsible for fulfilling CPRA requests do not always respond in the manner required by the law.   Contra Costa County has adopted a Better Government Ordinance; it allows the public even greater access to government records and information and clarifies some of the uncertainties of the ACT.    The practice of making public records available on a governmental entity’s website is an economical and practical means of complying with the Act.